Clear Gear RN


Clear Gear RN is based on a mineral base oil and an aluminium-complex soap as thickener. It is highly graphited, adhesive and sprayable. Clear Gear RN does neither contain bitumen nor solvent. In addition it is free of heavy metals and chlorine. Clear Gear RN together with Clear Gear 300 and Open Gear Clear Gear represent the EA LUBRITECH multi-phase system.


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Field of application

Clear Gear RN can be applied to single and double pinion drives of any kind of tube mills and kilns, e.g. in cement works, fertilizer plants, combustion and compost units. Clear Gear RN is applied to gear drives with high performance. Furthermore it is used when running under critical operating condi¬tions, when having big tooth widths or when running with high speeds.

Method of application

Clear Gear RN is applied via automatic spraying systems: Spraying should be effected permanently and with highest possible quantity. Running-in of gears should start only after best alignment of the gear. Primary lubrication of tooth flanks should be effected with Clear Gear 300, according to our INSTRUCTIONS FOR RUNNING IN.

  • Temperature range: -10 / +140°C
  • Reduces surface roughness to a minimum
  • Improves quality of tooth flanks
  • Extends life time of the gear
  • Free of chlorine and heavy metals


  • Cement
  • Forging
  • Mining, quarrying, exploration
  • Steel, metals
  • Power generation

Clear Gear RN

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