Machine Tool Way Oil

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Way oil, or way lube, is a certain kind of hydraulic oil. Friction in the machining process always requires exclusive attention, and without proper lubrication, loss of precision in machine tool functions can happen. This is where machine tool way oil comes in. 

Machine tools are of the utmost importance in the metalworking industry. They are used for a wide set of operations, such as forming, cutting, and bending in sectors like turning, milling, drilling, grinding, and machining centres. Under our flagship brand EA, EA Lubricant, as a machine way oil manufacturing company, offers way lube oils created to ensure better lubrication for moving machine parts. Fortified with mild extreme pressure and rust-prevention properties, these oils perfectly serve as hydraulic media.

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Base fluid
Viscosity grade
32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220,

Way Lubes are lubricants specially recommended for slide-way lubrication of grinders, planers, shapers, horizontal boring machines, knitting machines, jig bores, etc. involving high precision work. Way Lubes are formulated using select base oils and fortified with additives. These blends conform to ISO:19378, IS:493, IS:11695-1986, ASLE standard W315 and W1000 and Cincinnati Milacron specification, P-47 and P-50 standards. Way Lubes protect lubricated parts from rust and corrosion. Besides ensuring excellent surface adhesion, these oils also withstand high pressures. Consequently they reduce wear of the machine and optimize performance and productivity.

Machine way lubes protect machinery against rust and corrosion, and also reduce oil consumption since they have good adhesive characteristics. Machine tool way oils are specifically designed with significant frictional properties, great slideway adhesion, as well as amazing anti-wear performance. So they can be used to ensure machining accuracy and productivity, and provide the necessary protection to your machinery.

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