Who we are

EA lubricant Inc. founded in 1993, is an independent lubricant developer and producer. We produce a wide selection of lubricating oils under the name EA lubricant. 

EA Lubricant Inc. makes high performance lubricants for power plant and Industrial plant equipments and outdoor machineries. Our innovative technology results in superior performance and huge energy and maintenance cost savings.    

EA Lubricant Inc. is a dynamic, goal-oriented organization that has excelled in the business of engine oil & lubricants since two decade. We as an organization have a reputation of giving the best to our customers all over the global. Reach out to our dedicated Lubricants Desk for worldwide deliveries, analysis, and support, or any technical issues by contacting info@ea-lubricant.com  

 What we do

We closely support our customers with technical and economical lubrication recommendations not only mineral but aslo fully synthetic.

We continuously improve our EA® LUBRICANT in close co-operation with Original Equipment Manufacturers, service companies and end users, in order to meet the ever increasing equipment and environmental demands. 

We produce a wide selection of special synthetic lubricating oils for air compressors, gas compressors, gas engines, engines, vacuum pumps, bearings and gears, refrigeration, hydraulic, tuabin oil, open gear, special grease and high temperature chain applications. 

Our lubricants are available for distribution in bulk and in custom packages.

Together with our distribution and forwarding partners we ship our EA® LUBRICANT worldwide.