EA Morl S4 B


EA Morl S4 B is suitable for applications in a wide range of sectors, including mining, cement, general manufacturing, power, oil, gas, pulp and paper, marine and metals.

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EA Morl S4 B is a high-performance synthetic bearing and circulating oil that offers excellent lubrication under challenging and variable operating conditions
and wide temperature ranges. It can be used across sectors in multiple applications and adds value to your operations through wear protection, long oil life, good filtration properties and energy efficiency.

EA Morl S4 B has an excellent load-carrying capacity, which makes it suitable for use in moderately loaded helical and spur gearboxes where non-extreme- pressure oils are required. It offers longer running life without interruptions because of its good filterability in dry and wet conditions. Its filterability, combined with its outstanding hydrolytic stability, makes EA Morl S4 B especially suitable for use as a paper machine lubricant.

EA Morl S4 B meets the requirements of a wide range of industry bodies and equipment manufacturers, including

DIN 51517-3 CLP
ISO 12925-1 (Category CKT specification for enclosed gears) AGMA 9005 for anti-scuff/anti-wear (EP) oils
Emerson Power Transmission
Renold Gears – worm gear reducers
Peerless Winsmith – gear reducers and worm gears
Sharpe Mixers – worm gear reducers
David Brown – gear motors and gear reducers
Cone Drive – worm gear reducers
Formsprag – clutch gears
Aerzener Blowers
Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems
Becker Vacuum Pumps
GEA Westfalia Separator
Alfa Laval – separators
Foster Wheeler – bearings in coal pulverisers


EA Morl S4 B

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