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EA Moly Plus it is a specially grease formulated for the lubrication of mechanisms submissive the combined action of strong loads, temperature and water. Their characteristics physical-chemistries assure an excellent level lubrication, being able to increase the life of the mechanisms to lubricate, diminishing the wearing down of such.


MOLY PLUS is heavy duty grease that is fortified with 5% molybdenum disulfide to provide dry film lubrication for load-bearing surfaces in applications where the grease may tend to be squeezed out and where there is a high degree of rubbing rather than rolling motion.

MOLY PL.US is ideal for automatic greasing systems on construction equipment and is recommended for the lubrication of joints, slides, splines, pins, bushings, linkages hinges and many other applications.

MOLY PLUS satisfies the requirements of many equipment manufacturers for greases that must contain at least 3% “moly”. It also satisfies Caterpillar’s requirement for special application grease that must contain 5% “moly”.

In general greases that contain “moly”, or any other dry lubricant or filler are not recommended for use in rolling high-speed bearings. The particle size of “moly” is extremely small however particles in the grease can cause surface distress in the repetitively loaded surfaces of rolling bearings.

MOLY PLUS is ideal for use in automatic greasing systems. It is available in NLGI grade 0 for easy pumping in such systems.