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EA Lubex MP Grease was developed to be high quality general purpose grease for bearing applications in commercial and consumer applications. The high quality lithium thickener provides a wide range of performance benefits over a variety of non-disc brake wheel bearing applications


LUBEX MP is versatile making it ideal for applications in industry, construction, agricultural, trucking, and automotive applications including:

Plain & Antifriction Bearings, Chassis Lubrication & General Machinery Lubrication, Crushers, Shakers, & Screens Non-disc Brake Wheel Bearings, Conveyers, Winches, & Presses

LUBEX MP is enhanced with a unique additive package to enhance its’ extreme pressure (EP) protection in high load conditions. The rust and oxidation inhibitors also reduce the corrosion damage caused by repeated moisture and water contamination. With an effective operating range of -5°C to 125°C, the high quality base oil is able to maintain consistency day in and day out throughout the year.

LUBEX MP is available in 3 standard NLGI* grades. Grades are primarily used to indicate the pumpability of the grease. Grade 1 should be used for hand application in winter-outdoor conditions. Grade 2,3 is used for all general indoor and summer-outdoor needs.

*NLGI : National Lubricating Grease Institute