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High Performance Extreme Pressure Grease

EA Lubex EP Grease industrial is made from deeply refined mineral oil with extreme pressure additives, rust and oxidation inhibitors.


LUBEX EP is premium grease developed to meet the growing demand for higher quality multipurpose grease. Its complex thickener gives a wide range of performance benefits over a variety of applications. Grease can be considered as a suspension of oil in a matrix. The matrix can be formed in oil by the reaction of an acid and a base, producing what is called soap. Complex grease is made when several different ingredients are used.

LUBEX EP is remarkable in its ability to overcome most of the traditional weaknesses of greases. It has excellent mechanical stability under repeated mechanical stress and shows little tendency to separate. It has good resistance to water, making it a good choice where water contamination is unavoidable. The grease is able to give top-level protection from extreme pressure (EP) load wear and damage, as well as protection from corrosion and rust. It has a very high dropping point and excellent resistance to oxidation.

LUBEX EP is available in 3 standard NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute) grades. Grades are primarily used to indicate the pumpability of the grease. Grade 0 is suitable for winter conditions and instances when the grease has to be pumped through long supply lines or to the spray nozzles of a centralized lubrication system. Grade 1 should be used for hand application in winter-outdoor conditions. Grade 2,3 is used for all general indoor and summer-outdoor needs