EA Circulating Oils

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EA Circulating Oils are high performance oils designed to provide outstanding oxidation and water separation protection for most general industrial bearing and circulating oil system applications and certain other industrial applications which do not require oils with extreme pressure (EP) properties.

EA Circulating Oils

EA Circulating oils are formulated with a well proven rust and oxidation inhibitor additive package that helps provide consistent performance and protection throughout the maintenance interval.

EA Circulating oils is recommended for use in light duty (no EP) reduction gears and circulating oil systems. Their higher cost makes them particularly suited to those applications where their extended life, high temperature stability or low temperature fluidity can be used to advantage.

EA Circulating oils is an excellent lubricant for extended life in the dryer bearing lubrication systems of paper machines that do not need anti-wear or extreme pressure ability in the oil, as well as other industrial mill machinery such as gearboxes, centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps and blowers.

EA Circulating oils will provide superior lubrication in heavily-loaded or slow-speed gear reducers.

EA Circulating oils has a high natural viscosity index (VI) and so gives an extended operating temperature range compared to the equivalent grades of mineral oil. Grade for grade they allow colder starts for machinery that has to operate outside or in un- heated plant locations. They also retain their viscosity better at high temperatures, which directly improves the lubricating film.

For a full listing of equipment approvals and recommendations, please consult your local EA Technical Helpdesk, or the OEM Approvals website https://ea-lubricant.com