EA 10 FM

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Industrial Hydraulic Fluid 10FM

EA 10 FM

EA 10 FM oils feature proven lubricant chemistry that adapts to your driving needs to provide extra protection whatever the demands of your engine or equipment. Featuring an active-detergent system to keep pistons and other engine parts clean, it provides protection against wear for long engine life and protection against deposits for efficient engine performance.

EA 10 FM monogrades are approved for use in a variety of engine application by leading OEMs

EA 10 FM he high thermal stability and oil oxidation resistance provide a high standard of piston cleanliness.

EA 10 FM overall engine cleanliness contributes to low engine wear, long component life, maintenance of power output, more operational stability and lower servicing costs.

Suitable for turbocharged diesel engines and naturally aspirated in all working conditions.

Can also be used for hydraulic systems and transmission systems of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, conventional power transmission systems and electric drive systems.

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